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Bursera simaruba (BURSERACEAE)

Ache(Back) Eb29: 318; Ache(Stomach) Altschul; Antiseptic Brutus, Liogier; Aphrodisiac Eb29: 318; Bite(Snake) Martinez, Standley,Steyermark; Calculus Brutus; Cancer(Stomach) Hartwell; Cystitis Liogier; Debility Eb29: 318, Pittier; Depilatory Duke,1972; Diaphoretic Standley; Diarrhea Liogier; Diuretic Brutus, Liogier, Standley; Dropsy Martinez, Standley; Dysentery Martinez, Standley; Enterorrhagia Martinez; Expectorant Standley; Fever Martinez; Gangrene Standley,Steyermark; Hernia Pittier; Hunger Eb29: 318; Impotency Eb29: 318; Intestine Liogier; Kneecap Liogier; Lactogogue(Veterinary) Liogier; Nephritis Brutus, Liogier; Obesity Duke,1972; Purgative Standley; Rash Eb29: 318; Renitis Duke,1972; Repellant(Insect) Brutus; Rheumatism Altschul, Pittier; Sore Brutus; Stomach Martinez; Strain Eb29: 318; Swelling Martinez; Tumor Hartwell; Venereal Duke,1972, Martinez, Standley; Vulnerary Brutus, Liogier; Wound Duke,1972; Yellow Fever Standley

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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