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Cyperus rotundus L.. (CYPERACEAE)

Diuretic Burkill,1966; Edema Burkill,1966; Felon Burkill,1966; Gravel Burkill,1966; Leucorrhea Burkill,1966; Sore Burkill,1966; Stone Burkill,1966; Whitlow Burkill,1966

Cyperus rotundus (CYPERACEAE)

Abdomen Hunan; Ache(Head) Bliss; Ache(Stomach) Hunan, Nas; Alterative Steinmetz; Amenorrhea Keys; Analgesic* Nas; Anodyne Hunan, Takeda; Aphrodisiac Bliss; Astringent Broun, Eb32: 301, Steinmetz, Tackholm, Woi.Syria; Bactericide* Nas; Bite(Scorpion) Tackholm; Bladder Bliss; Bowel Eb32: 301, Woi.Syria; Cancer(Cervix) Hartwell; Carminative Steinmetz; Chest Hunan, Nas; Circulation Hunan; Cold Eb29: 314; Congestion Hunan; Demulcent Steinmetz; Depression Bliss; Diaphoretic Broun, Tackholm, Woi.Syria; Diarrhea Keys; Diuretic* Nas, Steinmetz, Tackholm; Dysmenorrhea Hunan, Nas; Dyspepsia Broun, Keys, Tackholm; Emmenagogue Keys, Steinmetz, Tackholm, Takeda; Emollient Tackholm; Energy Hunan; Fever* Nas, Broun, Tackholm; Fungistatic* Nas; Gastralgia Keys; Hair-Tonic Steinmetz; Hemicrania Bliss; Hypertension* Nas; Impotency Bliss; Inflammation* Nas; Lactogogue Steinmetz; Medicine Pittier; Menoxenia Nas; Metritis Keys; Metroxenia Hunan; Perfume Steinmetz; Side Hunan; Stimulant Steinmetz; Stomach Eb32: 301, Woi.Syria; Stomachic Keys, Steinmetz, Tackholm; Tonic Steinmetz; Tranquilizer* Nas; Trauma Hunan; Tumor(Abdomen) Hartwell; Ulcer Tackholm; Vasodilator* Nas; Vermifuge Steinmetz, Tackholm; Virility Bliss; Wound Eb28: 5

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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