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Polypodium angustifolium (POLYPODIACEAE)

Bruise Tackholm; Diaphoretic Tackholm, Uphof; Dropsy Tackholm, Uphof; Expectorant Tackholm; Fever Uphof; Pectoral Uphof; Syphilis Tackholm; Tumor Tackholm

Polypodium attenuatum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Bruise Pittier; Diuretic Pittier; Nerves Pittier; Refrigerant Pittier; Shock Pittier

Polypodium aurea (POLYPODIACEAE)

Fever Eb25: 239

Polypodium aureum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Cancer Hartwell; Cough Uphof; Fever Uphof; Pectoral Martinez; Purgative Pittier; Sudorific Martinez, Uphof; Tumor Hartwell; Venereal Pittier

Polypodium barometz (POLYPODIACEAE)

Hemostat Bliss; Impotency Bliss; Kidney Bliss; Liver Bliss; Penis Bliss; Senility Bliss; Spine Bliss; Tonic Bliss; Wound Bliss

Polypodium calaguala (POLYPODIACEAE)

Pertussis Steinmetz

Polypodium crassifolium (POLYPODIACEAE)

Syphilis Pittier

Polypodium filix-mas (POLYPODIACEAE)

Abortifacient Martinez; Poison Martinez; Taenifuge Martinez

Polypodium fimbriatum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Diuretic Uphof; Expectorant Uphof

Polypodium fortunei (POLYPODIACEAE)

Ache(Tooth) Bliss; Alopecia Bliss; Cachexia Bliss; Fracture Bliss; Gangrene Bliss; Hemorrhage Bliss; Sore Bliss; Wound Bliss

Polypodium furfuraceum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Analgesic Uphof

Polypodium glaucophyllum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Sweetener Pittier

Polypodium glycyrrhiza (POLYPODIACEAE)

Diarrhea Eb27: 264

Polypodium hastatum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Tumor Hartwell

Polypodium lanceolatum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Condyloma Hartwell; Cough Uphof; Depurative Martinez; Fever Uphof

Polypodium lingua (POLYPODIACEAE)

Adenopathy Bliss; Antidote(Brimstone) Bliss; Astringent Keys; Cancer Bliss; Carbuncle Bliss; Carcinoma Bliss, Hartwell; Cystitis Keys; Diuretic Bliss, Keys; Gonorrhea Keys; Hair-Tonic Bliss; Menorrhagia Keys; Refrigerant Bliss; Scrofula Bliss; Sore Bliss; Urethrorrhagia Keys; Wound Bliss

Polypodium maritimum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Cancer Gupta; Diaphoretic Gupta; Kidney Gupta

Polypodium martensii (POLYPODIACEAE)

Cold Eb33: 138; Fever Eb33: 138; Lung Eb33: 138

Polypodium phylliditis (POLYPODIACEAE)

Syphilis Pittier

Polypodium phyllitides (POLYPODIACEAE)

Antifertility Eb31: 299

Polypodium plebejum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Expectorant Uphof; Purgative Uphof

Polypodium polynesicum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Ear Eb28: 3

Polypodium polypodioides (POLYPODIACEAE)

Liver Liogier

Polypodium scolopendria (POLYPODIACEAE)

Abscess Eb28: 3; Ache(Head) Eb28: 3; Ache(Stomach) Eb28: 3; Catarrh Eb28: 3; Diarrhea Eb28: 3; Filariasis Eb28: 3; Gingivitis Eb28: 3; Sore Eb28: 3; Stomach Eb28: 3; Wound Eb28: 3

Polypodium suspensum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Tumor(Scrotum) Hartwell

Polypodium virginianum (POLYPODIACEAE)

Purgative Eb28: 329

Polypodium vulgare (POLYPODIACEAE)

Alterative Steinmetz, Uphof; Aperient Steinmetz; Apertif Uphof; Astringent Steinmetz; Cancer Hartwell; Chest Uphof; Cholagogue Steinmetz; Cold Eb25: 69; Cough Uphof; Deobstruent Steinmetz; Dyspepsia Uphof; Expectorant Steinmetz, Uphof; Liqueur Uphof; Pectoral Steinmetz, Uphof; Purgative FontQuer; Skin Uphof; Sore(Throat) Eb25: 69; Stomach Eb25: 69; Sweetener Eb25: 69; Vermifuge Uphof

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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