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Ethnobotanical uses

Urtica dioica (URTICACEAE)

Ache Eb25: 90; Ache(Back) Hart; Alopecia Eb27: 292, Uphof; Anodyne Eb25: 421, Eb27: 292; Asthma Steinmetz; Astringent Steinmetz; Ataxia(Locomotor) Eb27: 292; Bactericide* Woi.10; Blood Steinmetz; Bronchitis Steinmetz; Bruise Eb25: 90; Burn Uphof; Cancer Hartwell; Catarrh Woi.10; Chest Eb27: 292; Cholecystitis Woi.10; Cholengitis Woi.10; Constipation Woi.10; Cosmetic Uphof; Cough Uphof; Counterirritant Eb25: 421, Eb25: 90; Dandruff Woi.10; Depurative Eb28: 334, Steinmetz, Uphof, Woi.10; Diuretic* Woi.10, Steinmetz, Takeda, Uphof; Dropsy Uphof; Dyspnea Uphof; Emmenagogue Steinmetz; Epilepsy Hart; Epistaxis Al-Rawi; Evil eye Eb25: 421; Fit Hart; Gout Eb25: 421, Uphof; Hair-Tonic Uphof; Hematemesis Al-Rawi; Hematoptysis Woi.10; Hemoptysis Al-Rawi; Hemorrhage Woi.10; Hemostat Steinmetz; Homeopathy Uphof; Insanity Hart; Massage Woi.10; Menorrhagia Woi.10; Metrorrhagia Al-Rawi; Paralysis Al-Rawi, Woi.10; Parturition Eb27: 292; Purgative Steinmetz; Rheumatism Eb25: 421, Eb25: 90, Hart, Steinmetz, Uphof; Shampoo Uphof; Shigellosis* Woi.10; Sore Woi.10; Sprain Eb25: 421; Stimulant Steinmetz; Stomachic FontQuer; Suppository Eb25: 421; Swelling Eb25: 421; Tantrum Hart; Tea Eb28: 334; Tonic Steinmetz; Tumor Hartwell; Urticaria Uphof; Vasoconstrictor Steinmetz; Vermifuge Steinmetz, Woi.10; Wound Woi.10

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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