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Chemicals and their Biological Activities in: Krameria triandra R. & P. (Krameriaceae) -- Rhatany


No activity reported.

Anticoagulant DUKE1992B ; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardiotonic DUKE1992B ; Vasoconstrictor AYL

Allelochemic IC100=1 mM 438 ; Antiaggregant IC94=200 ug/ml PR13:597 ; Antianaphylactic; Antibacterial MIC=>1,000 ug/ml; Anticomplementary 1/2 aspirin PM57:A48 ; Antidiabetic 30 mg/kg rat; AntiEBV EMP6:189 ; Antihepatitic V&D ; AntiHIV EC50=2 ug/ml POP:270 ; Antihyperglycemic; Antiinflammatory; Antileukemic IC50=>10 ug/ml; Antilipoperoxidant PR13:597 ; Antimutagenic; Antioxidant 2.5 x Vit. E BO2 IC50=6.3 ug/ml CPB38:1049 ; Antiperoxidant JBH ; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive 525 ; Cardiotonic DUKE1992B ; Choline-Sparing AFR27:149 ; Hepatotropic DUKE1992B ; Hypocholesterolemic AFR27:149 ; Hypoglycemic DUKE1992B ; Insulinogenic EMP6:170 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor IC50=140 uM PCF IC97=5 mM JAF38:688 ; Pancreatogenic DUKE1992B ; Peroxynitrite-Scavenger IC50=0.181 ug/ml JAF48:5768 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Propecic PH2 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=>40

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

GUM Root: DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

No activity reported.

Antialopecic PH2 ; Antiatherosclerotic PH2 ; AntiCVI 100 mg/day/man BO2 ; Antiedemic 400 mg/kg/day orl rat; Antihistaminic BO2 ; Antiischemic PH2 ; Antioxidant 5 x Vit. E BO2 >Vit E-succinate; Antiperiodontal PAM ; Antiplaque PAM ; Antiretinopathic PH2 ; Antiseptic HG40:12 ; Antistroke 200 mg/kg orl rat BO2 ; Antitumor PH2 ; Antiviral HG40:12 ; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor IC50=1 uM BO2 ; Capillariprotective PH2 ; Cardioprotective PH2 ; Collagenase-Inhibitor BO2 ; Collagenic BO2 ; Deodorant LAF ; Elastase-Inhibitor IC50=~4 uM BO2 ; Hepatoprotective PH2 ; Hyaluronidase-Inhibitor IC50+=50-80 uM BO2 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor BO2 ; Propecic PH2 ; Vasodilator HG40:12

ACE-Inhibitor IC30-90=150-333 ug/ml LAB54 ; Antiallergic IJO16:204 ; Antianaphylactic OPC ; Antibacterial PM56(6):577 ; Antibiotic DUKE1992B ; Antiedemic 2 x phenylbutazone; Antierythemic OPC ; Antiexudative APP16:50 ; Antigastritic OPC ; Antiherpetic EMP5:197 ; Antihistaminic OPC ; AntiHIV DUKE1992B ; Antioxidant OPC ; Antiradicular OPC ; Antiviral EMP5:197 ; Beta-Adrenergic Receptor Blocker 10 uM PC44:441 ; Beta-Glucuronidase-Inhibitor IC50=1.1 uM/l ARZ44:592 ; Capillariprotective IC50=1-80 uM/l ARZ44:592 ; Capillaritonic APP16:50 ; Collagenase-Inhibitor IC50=38 uM/l ARZ44:592 ; Deodorant LAF ; Elastase-Inhibitor IC50=4.24 uM/l ARZ44:592 ; Hyaluronidase-Inhibitor IC50=80 uM/l; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Sunscreen; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor IC50=2.4 uM/l ARZ44:592 IC50=>40 CPB38:1225

No activity reported.

Antiarrhythmic ACM:407 ; Antiasthmatic DUKE1992B ; Antibacterial PR4(5):198 ; Anticlastogen PMID9025787 ; Antihepatotoxic JBH ; Antiherpetic DUKE1992B ; Antiinflammatory JBH ; Antiischemic JBH ; Antimutagenic PMID9025787 ; Antiophidic EMP5:363 ; Antioxidant ABC53:519 ; Antiperoxidant IC50=>100 uM PM57:A54 ; Antiradicular JAF45:1039 ; Antispasmodic EC50=4.6-17 uM PR4(2):73 ; Antitussive ACM:200 ; Antiviral JAF45:1039 ; Fungicide 500 ug/ml 438 ; Immunostimulant EMP1:124 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Phagocytotic EMP1:124 ; Prostaglandigenic RWG27 ; Secretogogue CAN ; Ubiquiot JBH

No activity reported.

RHATANY-TANNIC-ACID Root 80,000 - 180,000 ppm DUKE1992A Root Bark 420,000 ppm; DUKE1992A
No activity reported.

Absorbent M29 ; Antidote (Iodine) JBH ; Antinesidioblastosic M29 ; Emollient M29 ; Poultice M29

No activity reported.

Anthelminthic JNP59:205 ; Antibacterial JE26:74 ; Anticancer JAF47:397 ; Anticariogenic JNP59:205 ; Antidiarrheic DUKE1992B ; Antidysenteric DUKE1992B ; Antihepatotoxic JNP59:205 ; AntiHIV JNP59:205 ; Antihypertensive JNP59:205 ; Antilipolytic JNP59:205 ; Antimutagenic DUKE1992B ; Antinephritic CPB38:1049 ; Antiophidic EMP5:363 ; Antioxidant 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 IC50=1.44 ug/ml CPB38:1051 ; Antiradicular 1/3 quercetin JAF47:397 500 mg/kg/day orl mus CPB38:1049 ; Antirenitic CPB38:1049 ; Antitumor; Antitumor-Promoter JAF47:397 ; Antiulcer JNP59:205 ; Antiviral; Cancer-Preventive HG22:14 ; Carcinogenic AHP156 ; Chelator JNP59:205 ; Cyclooxygenase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Glucosyl-Transferase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Hepatoprotective DUKE1992B ; Immunosuppressant RWG29 ; Lipoxygenase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; MAO-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Ornithine-Decarboxylase-Inhibitor JNP59:205 ; Pesticide DUKE1992B ; Psychotropic CPB38:1049 ; Xanthine-Oxidase-Inhibitor JNP59:205

WAX Root: DUKE1992A
No activity reported.


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ppm = parts per million
tr = trace

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