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Smilax aristolochiaefolia (SMILACACEAE)

Cancer Hartwell; Depurative Martinez; Dyspepsia Uphof; Eczema Martinez; Fever Uphof; Gonorrhea Uphof; Kidney Uphof; Leprosy Martinez; Rash Martinez; Rheumatism Uphof; Scrofula Uphof; Skin Uphof; Sudorific Martinez; Syphilis Martinez

Smilax aristolochiifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Depurative Tackholm; Diaphoretic Tackholm; Syphilis Tackholm; Tonic Tackholm; Wound Tackholm

Smilax aspera (SMILACACEAE)

Cancer Hartwell; Sudorific FontQuer

Smilax balbisiana (SMILACACEAE)

Arthritis Brutus

Smilax calophylla WALL. (SMILACACEAE)

Aphrodisiac Burkill,1966; Gonorrhea Burkill,1966; Parturition Burkill,1966; Tonic Burkill,1966

Smilax calophylla (SMILACACEAE)

Aphrodisiac Uphof; Tonic Uphof

Smilax campestris (SMILACACEAE)

Diaphoretic Eb30: 175; Diuretic Eb30: 175; Rheumatism Eb30: 175; Venereal Eb30: 175

Smilax china L. (SMILACACEAE)

Aphrodisiac Burkill,1966; Dermatosis Burkill,1966; Gonorrhea Burkill,1966; Parturition Burkill,1966; Rheumatism Burkill,1966; Syphilis Burkill,1966; Tonic Burkill,1966

Smilax china (SMILACACEAE)

Abscess Hunan; Alexiteric Hunan; Alterative Keys, Steinmetz, Uphof; Antidote Takeda; Aphrodisiac Steinmetz, Uphof; Arthritis Hunan; Asthma Uphof; Boil Hunan; Cancer Hartwell; Cancer(Digestive) Yeh; Carminative Hunan; Cold Bliss; Debility Bliss; Demulcent Steinmetz; Depurative Steinmetz, Uphof; Diaphoretic Uphof; Diarrhea Hunan; Diuretic Bliss, Hunan, Keys; Enteritis Hunan; Flux Bliss; Gout Keys, Tackholm, Uphof; Gravel Bliss; Malaria Bliss; Menorrhagia Bliss; Refrigerant Hunan; Rheumatism Hunan, Keys, Woi.9; Skin Keys, Woi.9; Stimulant Steinmetz, Uphof; Sudorific Steinmetz, Tackholm; Syphilis Keys, Steinmetz; Tonic Bliss; Tumor Hartwell; Urogenital Hunan; Venereal Woi.9

Smilax corbularia (SMILACACEAE)

Tea Uphof; Venereal Altschul

Smilax cordifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Diuretic Martinez; Excrescence Hartwell; Obesity Martinez; Rheumatism Standley; Scrofula Standley; Skin Standley; Stimulant Standley; Sudorific Standley; Venereal Standley

Smilax ferox (SMILACACEAE)

Stomach Altschul

Smilax glabra (SMILACACEAE)

Abscess Hunan; Antidote Leung; Arthritis Hunan, Leung; Boil Hunan; Cystitis Hunan; Dysentery Leung; Furuncle Hunan; Lymphadenopathy Hunan; Rheumatism Hunan, Leung; Skin Leung; Sore Leung, Woi.9; Syphilis** Leung, Hunan; Venereal Woi.9

Smilax glaucophylla (SMILACACEAE)

Spasm* Woi.9

Smilax havanensis (SMILACACEAE)

Antidote Liogier; Depurative Liogier; Diaphoretic Liogier

Smilax helferi A. DC. (SMILACACEAE)

Boil Burkill,1966; Dermatosis Burkill,1966; Rheumatism Burkill,1966; Syphilis Burkill,1966

Smilax kraussiana (SMILACACEAE)

Depurative Ayensu; Diuretic Ayensu; Fever Ayensu; Gonorrhea Ayensu; Ophthalmia Ayensu; Parturition Ayensu; Stomachic Ayensu; Syphilis Ayensu; Venereal Ayensu

Smilax lanceaefolia (SMILACACEAE)

Tumor Hartwell

Smilax lanceifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Anodyne Woi.9; Rheumatism Woi.9

Smilax lanceolatus (SMILACACEAE)

Antidote Liogier; Depurative Liogier; Diaphoretic Liogier

Smilax laurifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Blood Eb29: 314

Smilax leucophylla BLUME (SMILACACEAE)

Rhinosis Burkill,1966; Sore Burkill,1966; Syphilis Burkill,1966

Smilax leucophylla (SMILACACEAE)

Depurative Uphof; Dysmenorrhea Altschul; Rheumatism Uphof; Skin Uphof; Syphilis Uphof

Smilax medica (SMILACACEAE)

Antidote Takeda; Malignancy Hartwell; Rheumatism Standley; Scrofula Standley; Skin Standley; Stimulant Standley; Sudorific Standley; Venereal Standley

Smilax megacarpa DC. (SMILACACEAE)

Parturition Burkill,1966

Smilax mexicana (SMILACACEAE)

Excrescence Hartwell

Smilax mollis (SMILACACEAE)

Ache(Stomach) Eb25: 242; Medicine Standley,1931; Piscicide Duke,1972, Standley,Steyermark

Smilax moranensis (SMILACACEAE)

Kidney Altschul

Smilax myosotiflora DC. (SMILACACEAE)

Aphrodisiac Burkill,1966; Fever Burkill,1966; Syphilis Burkill,1966

Smilax myosotiflora (SMILACACEAE)

Aphrodisiac Uphof

Smilax nipponica (SMILACACEAE)

Ache(Back) Hunan; Amenorrhea Hunan; Arthritis Hunan; Carminative Hunan; Circulation Hunan; Nightmare Hunan

Smilax oblongifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Purgative Uphof; Tonic Uphof

Smilax ocreata (SMILACACEAE)

Dysentery Woi.9

Smilax officinalis (SMILACACEAE)

Tumor Hartwell

Smilax ornata (SMILACACEAE)

Alterative Uphof; Rheumatism Standley,1931; Scrofula Standley,1931; Skin Standley,1931; Tonic Uphof

Smilax ovalifolia (SMILACACEAE)

Dysentery Woi.9; Rheumatism Woi.9; Urogenital Woi.9; Venereal Woi.9

Smilax perfoliata (SMILACACEAE)

Dysentery Woi.9; Rheumatism Woi.9; Urogenital Woi.9; Venereal Woi.9

Smilax populnea (SMILACACEAE)

Depurative Liogier; Diuretic Liogier; Expectorant Liogier; Tea Liogier

Smilax pseudochina (SMILACACEAE)

Astringent Bliss; Cachexia Bliss; Diarrhea Bliss; Skin Bliss; Sore Bliss; Stimulant Bliss; Syphilis Bliss; Syphilis(2) Bliss; Syphilis(3) Bliss; Tonic Bliss

Smilax regelii (SMILACACEAE)

Alterative Uphof; Cancer Hartwell; Rheumatism Standley,Steyermark; Scrofula Standley,Steyermark; Skin Standley,Steyermark; Stimulant Standley,Steyermark; Sudorific Standley,Steyermark; Tonic Uphof; Venereal Standley,Steyermark

Smilax scobinicaulis (SMILACACEAE)

Arthritis Leung; Rheumatism Leung; Skin Leung; Sore Leung

Smilax sieboldi (SMILACACEAE)

Arthritis Leung; Rheumatism Leung; Skin Leung; Sore Leung

Smilax siphilitica (SMILACACEAE)

Cancer Hartwell


Ache(Tooth) Altschul; Alterative Steinmetz; Aphrodisiac Steinmetz; Blood Steinmetz; Burn Eb33: 140; Cancer Hartwell; Conjunctivitis Altschul; Depurative Eb33: 140, Steinmetz; Diuretic Steinmetz; Emetic Steinmetz; Inflammation Eb33: 140; Leprosy Duke,1972; Scrofula Steinmetz; Skin Eb33: 140; Sterility Duke,1972; Sudorific Steinmetz; Syphilis Altschul, Duke,1972, Pittier; Tonic Steinmetz

Smilax sp. M,B,G, & S, 1991 (SMILACACEAE)

Apertif Sumatra; Impotence Sumatra

Smilax spinosa (SMILACACEAE)

Malaria Standley,Steyermark

Smilax spruceana (SMILACACEAE)

Alterative Uphof; Tonic Uphof

Smilax stans (SMILACACEAE)

Arthritis Leung; Rheumatism Leung; Skin Leung; Sore Leung

Smilax syphilitica (SMILACACEAE)

Syphilis Pittier

Smilax zeylanica (SMILACACEAE)

Abscess Woi.9; Ache(Bones) Eb24: 263; Anodyne Eb24: 263; Cachexia Eb24: 263; Cholera Eb24: 263; Dysentery Eb24: 263; Dysuria Eb24: 263; Fever Eb24: 263; Gravel Eb24: 263; Measles Eb24: 263; Ophthalmia Eb24: 263; Skin Woi.9; Smallpox Eb24: 263; Sore Eb24: 263, Woi.9; Swelling Woi.9; Syphilis Eb24: 263; Venereal Woi.9

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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