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Stachytarpheta angustifolia (VERBENACEAE)

Collyrium Broun, Uphof

Stachytarpheta cayennensis (VERBENACEAE)

Chest-Cold Eb30: 136, Wong; Collyrium Eb30: 136, Wong; Depurative Eb30: 136, Wong; Dysentery Eb30: 136, Wong; Fever Eb30: 136, Wong; Heart Eb30: 136, Wong; Heart attack Eb30: 136, Wong; Ophthalmia Eb30: 136, Wong; Panacea Altschul; Tumor Hartwell; Vermifuge Eb30: 136, Wong

Stachytarpheta indica VAHL (VERBENACEAE)

Bruise Burkill,1966; Dysentery Burkill,1966; Gonorrhea Burkill,1966; Sprain Burkill,1966

Stachytarpheta indica (VERBENACEAE)

Ear Ayensu; Emmenagogue Pittier; Maturant Ayensu; Sore Ayensu; Tumor Hartwell

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis VAHL (VERBENACEAE)

Abortive Burkill,1966; Malaria Burkill,1966; Rhinosis Burkill,1966; Sore Burkill,1966

Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (VERBENACEAE)

Abortifacient Eb29: 322, Woi.10; Ache(Head) Liogier; Alopecia Duke,1972; Amenorrhea Martinez; Anodyne Martinez; Asthma Eb29: 322; Boil Eb28: 29, Eb30: 136, Woi.10, Wong; Bronchitis Eb29: 322; Bruise Woi.10; Cardiac Woi.10; Cataract Woi.10; Cathartic Liogier, Uphof; Chest-Cold Eb29: 322; Cough Eb30: 136, Wong; Depurative Eb30: 136, Wong; Diarrhea Woi.10; Dropsy Liogier, Uphof, Woi.10; Dysentery Uphof, Woi.10; Eczema Eb30: 136, Wong; Emetic Eb29: 322, Liogier, Uphof; Emmenagogue Duke,1972, Par, Uphof; Erysipelas Liogier, Uphof, Woi.10; Fever Duke,1972, Eb30: 136, Woi.10, Wong; Flu Eb30: 136, Wong; Gonorrhea Martinez; Inflammation Woi.10; Itch Eb29: 322; Lactogogue Eb30: 136, Wong; Nausea Woi.10; Nerves Liogier, Martinez; Poison Woi.10; Pressor* Woi.10; Puerperium Eb29: 322; Purgative Eb30: 136, Wong; Rash Eb30: 136, Wong; Rectitis Eb30: 136, Wong; Rheumatism Woi.10; Rhinitis Eb28: 29; Sedative Brutus, Liogier; Skin Eb29: 322; Sore Eb28: 29, Eb29: 322, Liogier, Uphof, Woi.10; Sprain Woi.10; Stomach Eb30: 136, Uphof, Woi.10, Wong; Stomachic Liogier; Sudorific Martinez; Syphilis Martinez; Tea Uphof, Woi.10; Tumor Hartwell; Venereal Uphof, Woi.10; Vermifuge Eb29: 322, Eb30: 136, Uphof, Woi.10, Wong, ; Vitiligo Eb30: 136, Wong; Yellow Fever Martinez

Stachytarpheta jammacensis (VERBENACEAE)

Tonic Martinez

Stachytarpheta mutabalis VAHL (VERBENACEAE)

Dysmenorrhea Burkill,1966; Sore Burkill,1966; Swelling Burkill,1966; Wound Burkill,1966

Stachytarpheta mutabilis (VERBENACEAE)

Dysmenorrhea Woi.10; Fistula Woi.10; Poison Woi.10; Sore Woi.10; Tumor Woi.10; Wound Woi.10

Stachytarpheta urticaefolia (VERBENACEAE)

Abortifacient Woi.10; Boil Woi.10; Bruise Woi.10; Cardiac Woi.10; Diarrhea Woi.10; Dropsy Woi.10; Dysentery Woi.10; Erysipelas Woi.10; Fever Woi.10; Inflammation Woi.10; Nausea Woi.10; Rheumatism Woi.10; Sore Woi.10; Sprain Woi.10; Stomach Woi.10; Venereal Woi.10; Vermifuge Woi.10

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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