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Annona muricata L. (ANNONACEAE)

Boil Burkill,1966; Cough Burkill,1966; Dermatosis Burkill,1966; Rheumatism Burkill,1966

Annona muricata (ANNONACEAE)

Astringent Standley; Bilious Pittier; Cataplasm Liogier; Chill Eb29: 316; Cicatrizant Liogier; Cyanogenetic Eb22: 96; Depurative Eb30: 122, Wong; Diarrhea Gupta, Liogier, Pittier; Dysentery Eb25: 436, Martinez, Standley; Dyspepsia Gupta; Emetic Liogier; Fainting Eb30: 122, Wong; Febrifuge Takeda; Fever Eb29: 316, Standley; Flu Eb29: 316, Eb30: 122, Wong; Gall-Bladder Eb22: 96, Eb22: 97; Hypertension Eb30: 122, Wong; Insecticide Duke,1972, Woi.1; Insomnia Eb30: 122, Wong; Internulcer Gupta; Kidney Duke,1972, Eb24: 354; Liqueur Standley; Nervousness Eb29: 316; Palpitation Eb29: 316, Eb30: 122, Wong; Parturition Eb22: 96; Pectoral Liogier, Standley; Pediculicide Duke,1972, Liogier, Standley,Steyermark; Pellagra Liogier; Piscicide Duke,1972, Gupta, Woi.1; Ringworm Eb30: 122, Wong; Scurvy Eb25: 436, Liogier, Standley, Woi.1; Sedative Eb22: 96; Soporific Liogier; Sore Liogier; Spasm Liogier; Stomach Eb25: 436; Stomachic Liogier; Tea Eb22: 96, Eb32: 112; Tranquilizer Eb22: 96, Eb22: 97; Vermifuge Gupta

* = Chemical(s) found in plant shown to be effective for the ailment medicated
** = Plant itself shown to be effective for the ailment medicated

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