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Use of Raintree's Text and Images

Using any Raintree picture, image, graphic, backgound, or copyrighted text for any commercial purpose is expressly denied.
Please refer to our copyright statement.

Instructions for Using Raintree's Copyrighted Images and Text for Non-Commercial Use.

+For School Students:
Instructions for Using Raintree's Images and Information.

If you are doing a school report that is printed out and turned in to class in hard copy or used in a Powerpoint presentation, you automatically have our permission to print out any of our pictures and/or information to use for your report.

If you want to use the Raintree website as a reference or resource to cite in a written report, use the following: Wealth of the Rainforest, Pharmacy to the World, by Leslie Taylor, Copyrighted 1996 to present by Leslie Taylor, Milam County, Texas 77857. Online at http://www.rain-tree.com

If you are citing as a reference the "Rainforest Facts" page or the "Differences and Similariities of Drugs and Medicinal Plants" page you may additionally cite the book: The Healing Power of Rainforest Herbs by Leslie Taylor, copyrighted 2005 by Square One Publishers, Inc.

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For Teachers: Instructions for Using Raintree's Images and Information.

If you would like to print out any pictures or information to use in class as classroom materials, you automatically have our permission to do so. You also have permission to copy images into a Powerpoint presentation (or similar) for use in class and/or to link to our website for online classroom instruction or assignments.

For School Students and School Teachers Doing School Online Internet Reports, Web Pages, Internet Classroom Projects and Personal Web Pages:

If you are developing anything that is printed out and distributed to your class you automatically have our permission to print out any of our pictures and/or information to use for your classroom project. If you are doing a school project, report, online classroom assignment, or personal web page/site on the rainforest which will appear on the internet and/or a webpage and want to use our images, you MUST follow these directions:

  1. Email Raintree with the information of which images and/or pictures you want to use and the URL / Address on the internet where they will appear.

  2. Copy the images and place them on your own server. Do NOT load any images onto your web pages by just using the html link to load the image(s) off of the Raintree server. This increases our bandwidth and costs us money.

  3. Next to or below each and every image that you obtain from Raintree's website, the following text must appear:

    This image provided and copyrighted by Leslie Taylor.
    All rights reserved. http://www.rain-tree.com

  4. The Raintree website URL above must be a functioning link back to Raintree's website.

Only after the above four steps are completed, will Raintree provide you with the written authorization required to use any Raintree image which shall be emailed to you. Raintree reserves the right to demand removal of any Raintree image on any webpage which, in Raintree's sole determination is distasteful, derrogatory, or misleading.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Leslie Taylor