Bobinsana Bark Powder in 1 pound bulk packages (Calliandra angustifolia) Bobinsana Powder

Calliandra angustifolia

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Bobinsana is a well respected remedy in the Amazon rainforest for joint, bone, and muscle pain in arthritis and rheumatism.* For more information about bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia), please refer to the Database File for Bobinsana in the Tropical Plant Database. To see photographs of bobinsana click here.

Traditional Uses:* for arthritis and rheumatism; as a blood cleanser; for uterine cancer; as a stimulating tonic; for colds/flu

Suggested Use: Bobinsana is best prepared as an alcohol tincture. Combine 1 part bark powder with 4 parts 90 proof alcohol (everclear or vodka). Allow to macerate for 2 weeks while agitating solution daily. Strain into a clean bottle and seal. It is traditionally taken in dosages of 2-5 ml (60-180 drops) twice daily or as needed. Can also be used externally by applying to the skin twice daily and letting dry completely. For more complete instrutions on preparing tinctures see the Methods for Preparing Herbal Remedies Page.

Contraindications: Bobinsana is traditionally used as a contraceptive in Peru. While there is no research to confirm this possible action, those seeking to get pregnant should probably avoid this plant.

Drug Interactions: None reported.

Third-Party Published Research*

All available third-party research on bobinsana can be found at PubMed. A partial listing of the published research on bobinsana is shown below:

Anti-inflammatory Actions:
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Insecticidal Actions:
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Chemicals Identitified:
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