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From 1996 to 2012, Raintree Nutrition, Inc. sold the rainforest herbal supplements listed below. These products and proprietary formulas were developed by Leslie Taylor, President and managing director of Raintree Nutrition, Inc.. Ms. Taylor has been a leader in the industry in educating people about these powerful medicinal plants of the Amazon and she has actually welcomed competition and encouraged other companies to sell them and use them in other supplement products. In 2012, Ms. Taylor decided to close down the company and to stop selling any herbal or dietary supplements. Regulations enforced by the FDA have progessively prohibited free speech about the value and benefits of herbal supplements, factual information about clinical research, as well as what to take them for and how to use them. As long as Raintree Nutrition was selling herbal supplements, Ms. Taylor was limited and prohibited in what she could actually say about them. Ms. Taylor decided that the wealth of factual and truthful information about these important plants and formulas was more important than selling products and this factual information needed to stay widely available to continue to help people. Raintree Nutrition, Inc. officially closed and ceased selling products on December 21, 2012. Ms. Taylor then freely shared all of her proprietary formulas by posting them on the product pages below so that anyone and everyone can make them and use them. All of the factual research and documentation about these plants have been reinstated on these product pages (previously removed by FDA demand) and linked back to the extensive Tropical Plant Database for further information (also previously removed by FDA demand).

Please remember that these products and formulas are no longer available from this website or from Raintree. Google search links have been provided on the product pages and other companies selling rainforest plants and herbal supplements are shown on the Rainforest Products page. You'll need to do your own research to find other companies selling these plants and/or formulas (as now mandated by FDA regulations we cannot directly link to them).

There are new guides available which highlight the properties and actions of these rainforest plants and formulas accessible here now. Just follow these links: Anti-Cancerous Guide    Antimicrobial Guide    Organ Specific Guide    Pro-Sexual Guide   Skin Guide

Single-Herb Capsules
Single-Herb Extracts
Anamu Andiroba Healing Power of Rainforest
Bellaco Caspi Artichoke Herbs By Leslie Taylor
Caigua  Ayapana 
Bulk Plants by the Pound
Calaguala Bellaco Caspi Abuta
Camu-Camu Bobinsana Ajos Sacha
Cat's Claw Brazilian Peppertree Amargo
Cha de Bugre Calaguala Amor Seco
Chanca Piedra Cat's Claw Anamu
Clavo Huasca Catuaba Artichoke
Graviola Carqueja Avenca
Guacatonga Chuchuhuasi Ayapana
Huanarpo Macho Clavo Huasca Bellaco-Caspi
Jergon Sacha Copaiba Bitter Melon
Maca Cumaseba Bobinsana
Piri Piri Huanarpo Macho Boldo
Multi-Herb Capsules
Jatoba Brazilian Peppertree
Graviola Max Jergon Sacha Caigua
N-Tense Muira Puama Camu-Camu
NTENSE-2 Mulateiro Canchalagua
MYCO Pau d'Arco Carqueja
SPIRO Piri-Piri Cat's Claw
Amazon Vitality Sangre de Grado Catuaba
Amazon A-F Simarouba Cha de Bugre
Amazon A-P Tamamuri Chanca Piedra
Amazon A-V
Multi-Herb Extracts
Amazon C-F Amazon C-F for Kids Cipů Cabeludo
Adrenal Support Jaguara for Women Clavo Huasca
Athletic Support KDY-CL Clavillia
Blood Support Male Plus for Men Condurango
Bowel Support MYCO Culen
Brain Support SPIRO Cumaseba
Calm Support Stomach Ez Damiana
CNS Support Throat-Ez Embauba
Detox Support
Skincare & Topicals
Erva Tost„o
Digestion Support A-F Topical Espinheira Santa
Energy Support A-V Topical Fedegoso
F-Tonic N-Tense Topical Gerv‚o
Gallbladder Support Copaiba Oil Graviola
Hair Support Hair Topical Guacatonga
Heart Support Muscle Ez Topical Guaco
Immune Support Skin-P Topical Guarana
Joint-Muscle Support Amazon Body Butter Huacapu
KDY-CL Rainforest Revive Huanarpo Macho
Kidney Support Sangre de Grado Iporuru
Liver Support
Bulk Plants by the Pound
Lung Support Jatoba Jergon Sacha
Lymph Support Jurubeba Maca
Menopause Support Macela Manaca
Menstrual Support Matico Muira Puama
Mood Support Mulateiro Mullaca
M-Tonic Support Mulungu Mutamba
Pancreas Support Pata de Vaca Pau d'arco
Prostate Support Pedra hume caa Pic„o Preto
Sinus Support Piri-Piri Quassia
Skin-A Support Quinine Remo Caspi
Skin-P Support Samambaia Sarsaparilla
Stomach-Ez Simarouba Stevia
Urinary Support Suma Tamamuri
   Tayuya Ubos bark
   Ubos leaves Vassourinha
   Yerba Mate   

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